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vinyl for car wrap What kind of vinyl is Used for Car Wraps?

vinyl for car wrap

Knowing the type of vinyl is used for car wraps will help ensure that your wrap is created with top quality vinyl materials. At Wrap Guys, we understand that it is important to use the top quality vinyl wrap material for our car wraps, to provide our customers with the finest car wraps they can buy. 3M Vinyl Wrap Materials Vinyl wraps made by 3M consist from a flexible, tough film that is 2 millimetres thick. Since this particular type of vinyl material has a thin profile it is able to easily stick to virtually any vehicle, resulting in a perfect custom look. There are many types of 3M materials used in car wrap creation: 3M Avery Cast Vinyl

Car Wrapsm

3M Avery cast vinyl is made from a combination of plasticizers, PVC and pigments that are combined. vinyl for car wrap The mix is then made into a cast or measured onto the casting sheet, vinyl for car wrap and then processed through a number of different ovens. Eventually, a solid film is created and then rolled on an extensive core. The adhesive coating is applied to one side. This particular 3M vinyl material has a longer longevity and durability, and also offers a less energy intensive process, vinyl for car wrap which makes it an economical solution for production runs that are smaller. 3M Avery cast vinyl won't shrink due to its production processes. 3M ControlTac 3M ControlTac is designed to minimize the initial surface area that the adhesive will contact, cost to vinyl wrap a car vinyl for car wrap making it effortless to change the position of the car wrap throughout the application process. Due to the micro-replicated microspheres throughout the entire adhesive layer, vinyl for car wrap 3M ControlTac does not permit the film to adhere to a surface until it has been applied using the aid of a squeeze-bag. This type of 3M vinyl allows for an easier process for applying the film and allows for adjustments to be made to the wrap's position without damaging the structure or surface of the film. Why is 3M Vinyl used in car wraps? 3M vinyl materials are extremely thin and flexible, making them ideal to create custom-designed vehicle wraps. They can be cut to suit any car's design and adhere well. vinyl for car wrap For a perfect, smooth finish, 3M vinyl products come with air-release channels that are invisible. These channels remove air bubbles that are under the wrap. 3M vinyl wrap materials will also not warp or change colour in time. Wrap Guys can be reached by phone at 604-996-6389 or through our contact us form.

vinyl for car wrap